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    Protect your family with life insurance

You need insurance to take care of your family financially in case you’re no longer around. With the right insurance plan, your family members will have the money to pay off the house mortgage, other household debt, finish college, and on the whole maintain their standard of living.

Term Life Insurance

 Term plans provide coverage over a specific number of years, rather than for your entire lifespan. The coverage, or what is also known as the death benefit, is paid out only if you die during the term of the policy. Term life plans remain an excellent option for those who are financially vulnerable in the near term but who probably don’t require a large death benefit later in life. Term policies are also typically the least expensive form of life insurance, highly recommended for those families whose disposable income is just slightly higher than their total expenditures. With availability of affordable term policies, principal breadwinners have little excuse for not having life insurance policy that protects their families. .


Whole Life

As  the head of the family,  you’re undeniably your family’s greatest asset and resource, if  not the sole provider of income. Whole Life plans charge a premium that remains the same for your entire life, and they pay a benefit that also stays constant. For example, your policy might require you to pay P 10,000 a year for a P 300,000 benefit; as long as you continue paying the premiums, the policy will pay out the prescribed amount to your beneficiary upon your death. Life insurance is the undoubtedly best financial arrangement you can make to secure your family’s financial future.


Variable Unit-Linked Insurance

A variable unit-linked insurance, or VUL, is the “in” thing in insurance these days, particularly during a period when the stock market is bullish.

VUL policies have two components: the insurance component and the investment component.Variable Life plans allow the policyholder to allocate a certain portion of his or her premiums into investments such as stocks and bonds. A VUL policy gives a client  the protection of traditional life insurance and the growth potential of investment funds in one financial package.

Of course, the value of these accounts and ultimately of the death benefit itself will be based on the performance of the securities in them.