Buying life insurance is a process. So unlike buying TPL vehicle insurance from some you-don’t even-care-to-know which hole-in-the wall agency in the LTO premises.
It could be  time consuming and generally unsatisfying at the end, leaving you with a  feeling you were not in control of the process, that you should have spoken to more than one or two agents,  and pissed off when you learn the same  coverage could have been purchased at a much lower premium cost from an equally reputable carrier.
You deserve a very satisfying experience, and that  starts with the ease of obtaining and comparing competitive quotes here in yourwealthclinic.com.
When you receive a good number of quotes, begin with the lowest quotes, but take note those are just quotes – not final figures – and remember that the lowest is not necessarily the best one for you.
Once you have a meeting of the minds with one or two agents, ask to see  even the standard, bare contract first.  If they give you a ready-for-your signature contract, ask for a couple of days to study the fine print. Don’t sign anything if there are some clauses in the contract written in incomprehensible legalese that the insurance agent has not explained to your satisfaction.
And anytime you need some frank and unbiased advice, our Resident Adviser is at your service. He acts as your Concierge to make the process quick, smooth, pleasant, and thoroughly satisfying.