A life insurance policy can be a complicated legal document for many, particularly for first-time buyers. Even the process of purchasing, from determining which type of policy to buy, how much insurance cover to buy, price canvassing, deciding what policy riders to add, choosing  payment terms,  selecting an insurance company you will be dealing with for many years, etc. can be daunting.
Your Wealth Clinic was put up to advise you about insurance matters, to connect with experienced, licensed and certified financial professionals from long-established and reputable firms*, to provide you with comparable insurance quotes and save you money,  to guide you at every step of the sales process, and help you decide confidently.
Our goal is to make the entire buying process smooth, pleasant, and thoroughly satisfying by delivering a superb, personalized customer service.
If you are interested in purchasing insurance, or have any question related to insurance,  please contact us and a licensed insurance professional will discuss your needs through emails, chat, or an in-person meeting, whichever is convenient.  At your request, we can provide the profiles of our financial advisors.
Consultation is free, private, and confidential, and creates no obligation.


*At this writing, our financial advisors are affiliated with the following insurance companies: AXA Philippines, Insular Life, Philippine Life Insurance, FWD Life, Sun Life of Canada, Pru U.K. and Manulife Philippines.