Everyone’s got financial problems. Rich and not-rich alike. Both have even problems in common: providing a comfortable home for the family, good education for the children, adequate medical care for all, sustaining their accustomed lifestyle, investing their savings, planning for retirement, transferring wealth to the next generation, and such.
The rich have high charging investment advisors, hot shot portfolio managers, private wealth managers, hedge fund consultants, and private equity arrangers to grow their wealth;  clever tax consultants, shrewd lawyers, and estate planners to protect  their wealth and transfer to heirs with the least taxes; and, if wealth is ill-gotten,  arrange with secretive offshore bankers to stash and hide their loot abroad.
Who looks after the not-yet-wealthy? Who looks after young professionals, middle level execs, teachers, government employees, newlyweds, or newly separated couples, BPO agents, artists, athletes, digital nomads, freelancers, single mothers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and retirees? Those with a net worth other advisors cannot be bothered to look at? Who looks after those just starting to create wealth, and anyone else in need of financial advice that does not cost an arm and a leg?


We do. We got their back.


“We provide free financial advice to people just starting to create and build personal wealth.”



What  we do

We listen intently to your concerns, understand your financial situation and needs, help you clarify short and long term goals, and then provide actionable advice. Whether you just want to canvass current life insurance costs;  ask a simple question needing only a quick answer (should I invest in bitcoins? go for a 10 year fixed rate mortgage now?);  or you’re thinking of a savings plan for your children’s education,  we’re all ears.
When needed, we refer your needs to our specialists who deal with the financial services and products for your consideration. You’ll always have options, without any obligation to buy anything. We don’t do hardsell.
We act as fiduciaries, and your financial interests and welfare are first and foremost.


Talk to us

You’ll find us relaxed and easy to talk to.  We talk straight and simple. No highfalutin gobbledegook.
We don’t advise or sell solutions without knowing your question, understanding your need or clarifying your financial goal.
Ask a question first.  ( see  Is this your problem? next page)
If it makes it easier for you to talk about money matters and financial goals, go incognito.  You need not give us your real name, current income, or net worth to ask a question.
You can email your concern or question to wealthauctor@gmail.com or if you need a quick answer, and we are available at the moment, let’s chat.
Yes, our advice is completely free, but not cheapy.